Fun plans for the Wine Country Harvest Hook-in.

So far, our Hook-in will include a fun project to ‘Make & Take’; scissor fobs with Tierra Cast parts and guidance from Steve Tierra.

Brigitta Phy is leading our efforts and will also be vending with her wonderful Green Valley Rug Hooking store; Brigitta’s beautiful hand dyed wool, patterns, kits, hooks & scissors, Jane Olson patterns, Mildred Sprout patterns, Cox swatches,  and more.

Laura Pierce will be the ‘Roving Teacher’ from 10am to 2pm with time out for lunch.  Laura has lots of experience teaching rug hooking classes; portraits, landscapes, fractur or Pennsylvania Dutch designs, geometrics and traditional rug designs.  In addition to your present rug project, bring a rug project that you haven’t been able to finish, for whatever reason; and challenge Laura to suggest a simple solution to get you excited about the project again.  Laura will also be vending with her Flying Dog Hookery store; beautiful hand-dyed textures, spots, dip-dyes and swatches, Ritchie Easy Grip hooks, along with washed and ready to hook textures.

The San Francisco Rug Guild is also vending and will have a wonderful assortment of handmade gifts and treasures.

Lolly Golden and Ellen Steiger will bring their ‘Needles in the Nest’ store with beautiful hand-dyed punching yarn, Oxford punch needles, patterns and more!


Author: laurawp

I am a Rug Hooking Artist & Teacher in Northern California. I already have a little home-made website, and want to have an everyday blog in addition. My daughter has a WordPress blog and is very happy with your services.

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